Friday, August 28, 2009

Stir Fry Beef & Broccoli

So I like to try to make some Vietnamese dishes from this one food blog I found called: Wandering Chopsticks. One thing I tried off the website(even though it isn't Vietnamese- it isn't real Chinese food either but whatever) was the beef and broccoli. It was tasty with some extra soy sauce, but I bought too much meat when I did it and did not adjust the ingredients to match as much as I should have. It was still a good stir fry- just not as saucy as the other beef and broccoli dishes you get elsewhere. I'd try it again some other time though.

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posts in progress...

photos we have but no time to write about yet:
1) Houston Restaurant Week(s) - got 3 different places to talk about
2) Red Fish in Cypress
3) Auntie Pastas in Bellaire
4) Attempt at beef & broccoli that didn't turn out right but was still tasty
5) King Ranch Chicken casserole

and things to come I guess!

We're working on it.. I plomise.


There have been a lot of changes lately and we keep falling behind on posting... but we're still trying! I thought we had a post about a trip to Seoul Garden before...ah ha! I found it here: Seoul. This is where my sister, Huong, first took my family to eat Korean food and it has been our normal place to go to when we want Korean food. Seoul Garden is good but the service can suck and they can be sort of picky about things, so this time I wanted to try a different Korean place. After looking up some things, I read nicer reviews for Korea Garden (seriously across the street from Seoul). Gave it a shot- good food, very nice staff, no one pushing us to order certain amounts, but no soup included in the mix of things. I think I like the side dishes better at Seoul though. If you're a newcomer to trying Korean food and going w/o someone who does- I would try out Korea Garden because they are nicer and speak better English...

The other photos are from our trip to Super H Mart after dinner. Fun supermarket to check out!

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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Bo Tai Chanh

So I have become a fan of beef carpaccio. Bo Tai Chanh is the Vietnamese version that you can order in some restaurants, and I also had some really good beef carpaccio at Beavers on one of their Thursday night Culture nights. I found a recipe for the Vietnamese version so I thought I'd give it a try. The basic way to make it is to:
1) buy some good meat and thinly slice it
2) sear it quickly to get some color
3) take off and let it sit in some lemon juice, orange juice, and a bit of fish sauce
4) after it's cooked to how you want it- drain the juices, add herbs and fried shallots/onions and enjoy!

Honestly, after getting a quick sear, the meat was really good on it's on. I think we used too much citrus with it because it kind of overpowered the meat- but it was still good. Need to tweek the measurements a bit next time, but here's what it looked it!


House of Pies

Sorry guys- Ryan and I have been falling behind on our posts! I don't really have much to say about the House of Pies- the food is just the normal stuff like Denny's-sandwiches, breakfast, what have you. I don't come here to eat that kind of food. I come for the cheesecake! I am not one for pies- If I do order them, I normally just eat all the crust and leave the rest of it on the plate. I do enjoy the cheesecakes from The Cheesecake Factory but if I ever crave turtle or strawberry cheesecake (at any given hour!) House of pies is it. I've been going there since high school. Huge piece for under $4!

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