Saturday, December 27, 2008

we dont eat anymore

eating other people's food and watching dexter and christmas shopping and christmas have prevented us from taking pictures and writing, but we will be back.

merry christmas everyone.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Bellaire Broiler Burger

We tried this place for lunch today. It's right near where Kimmy works and Texas Burger Guy has reviewed it (I've now been to 9 of the 29 he has reviewed). It's a small old building, and there was quite a lunch crowd there. We had to wait a few mins for our burgers (mustard burgers with cheese and bacon), but not too long. They grill and assemble the burgers right behind the order counter, and occasionally there's a big flame-up. Good burgers, pretty cheap, fries were nothing special - frozen crinkle cut, but Texas Burger Guy says their shakes are amazing. Might check that out if we end up going back sometime.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Lemon Caper Salmon

Salmon is easy to cook. This one just has garlic, onions, capers, lemon zest and juice, and a crapload of butter because that's how Kimmy likes her salmon. I made this meal for Kimmy and I while waiting for her to come over after work. PastaRoni is an easy and tasty side (olive oil and herb flavor or something - not all creamy and salty like a lot of them), and salad and garlic bread round it out.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Ca Phe Sua Da

Hey everyone - It's Ryan now. I'm gonna write about food too, apparently. For the record, the "apparently" does not mean Kimmy is making me write, I just mean that I'm surprised in myself that I would ever write on a blog. But I think Kimmy started a good idea and I wanted to join in with her.

Kimmy and I have recently become frequent consumers of a Vietnamese iced coffee treat called Ca Phe Sua Da, which just translates to "cold coffee with milk," as far as I can tell. But it's not just any coffee, and it's not just any milk. As you can see in the pictures, a special device (which I'll describe as a French press without the press) drips hot water through chickory coffee grounds onto a layer of sweetened condensed milk. Then the two layers are stirred together and poured over ice. If you're me, then you drink it all in one big gulp and drip out another, but I'm not opposed to savoring it slowly either. Thanks to Kimmy's uncle for leaving us all his "supplies." My thumbs are cramping up since Kimmy is making me post this from my new phone (LG Dare), so I'm done now.

Actually, the publish post button wouldn't work on the phone so Kimmy transcribed it for me.

editorial by Kimmy: SUPPLIES!


So with this cold weather... I wanted to cook either Ca Ri Ga (Vietnamese curried chicken soup) or Chili. I asked Ryan which one he preferred, so we decided to cook Chili this past Friday- from scratch! I found a good recipe online and we bought all the ingredients from HEB. Came back to my house, and started to cook.... Chopped up all the meat and veggies and put things in a pot.... then let it simmer for hours!! Oh yeah.... Ryan sliced a piece of his finger off too. Here are photos of our chili! Ryan likes lots of water/juice. I like lots of chips instead.

Oopples and Banoonoos

I have enjoyed reading up on everyone's blogs, so I thought maybe I should restart mine. I never really did enjoy blogging about my same-o same-o life style... so instead I thought I would blog about FOOD.

Ryan and I will be posting some of the food that we attempt to cook- some good some bad. We'll try to include the pictures of them and recipes if they are worth sharing. Feel free to share recipes of your own too! We will probably include reviews of places we go out to eat at- so if we're eating dinner with you don't be surprised if I pop out with my camera before we dig in.

I hope we keep up with this thing...